Sport & Deep Tissue Massage chiswick and Milton Keynes

What is Sport & Deep Tissue Massage?

Here at Mi Treatments we also offer you a way to help relax the body from whatever your lifestyle brings. Sports massage and deep tissue massage is useful for anyone that suffers from chronic pain, range-of-motion issues, muscular injuries as well as joint pathologies.

Sports massage is designed to assist in correcting problems and imbalances in soft tissue that are caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity and trauma. The application of sports massage, prior to and after exercise, may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

Don’t let the name lead you to think that if you do not play a sport that this will not be beneficial to you. Sports massage can help with the stresses of the daily living, busy schedule, prolonged desk work at a computer and relief of neck and shoulder tension as well as relieve headaches.

Why choose us?

The experience on your journey through our service is our priority, providing a relaxing, informative and effective treatment pathway. You will be under the care of our vastly experienced and qualified musculoskeletal specialists to provide you with the best experience along with the best outcome.

This is enabled by the latest ultrasound imaging technology and experienced expert sonographer’s with proven high-quality imaging protocols, pathways and procedures in place to try and help diagnose any pain you may have.

We are trusted by GP’s and doctors along with many other healthcare professionals.

Who will I see?

You will be cared for by a small team and seen by a specialist healthcare professional that has proven experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and the latest URMT technology.

Massage from

£ 50