What is the objective of this scan?

The aim of this ultrasound scan is to provide an assessment of the scrotum including testicles, epididymidi and surrounding area testicles by using ultrasound.

This may be because a lump has been felt in the scrotum e.g. epididymal cyst or perhaps you are experiencing pain or discomfort in the testicular area possibly due to an infection such as epididymitis or due to swollen testicular veins (varicocele). 

Alternatively, there may be a concern about testicular cancer and you may have been referred for a testicular scan by your doctor but are unwilling to wait. Even if it’s just for reassurance and peace of mind, whatever the case maybe, we can provide your scan with minimal waiting times and speedy results.

Ultrasound is used for a wide range of scrotal complaints and for all of the above as it provides useful diagnostic information. 

Reasons for this scan may include:

This scan is performed for a wide range of reasons some of which include: 

  • Testicular Lumps & Cysts.
  • Pain/aching in the testicles or scrotum
  • Discomfort
  • Abnormal Blood Tests
  • Abnormal growths or structural changes
  • Varicocele 
  • Infection such as epididymitis or orchitis. 
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Enlargement of the sac of testicles.

What is included with this ultrasound scan?

An electronic ultrasound report of the examination including any measurements same day as your appointment.

What does the scan involve?

During the scan you will be asked to uncover your scrotal area and jelly will be placed over your scrotum. An ultrasound probe will then be placed on your skin and moved around. An image will appear on the monitor which will be translated by a professionally qualified Ultrasonographer. The examination lasts around 10-15 minutes and is pain free. At the end of the examination the Ultrasonographer will give you a verbal report with a formal ultrasound scan report with any recommendations being sent to you which you can take to your regular healthcare professional.

Preparation for the scan

No preparation needed.