• Medision Imaging well-being checklist with custom report

  • Ultrasound images placed on USB stick given

You are having a baby! This is the most cherished of journeys but for some this can also be an anxious time due to many reasons. You may feel that the date of your next NHS scan or the birth itself is too far away.

Mi reassurance scan can help alleviate this anxiety by providing you with peace of mind that you’re seeking. Seeing your baby again on the screen, having us check the baby’s movements & listen to baby’s heartbeat can ease your mind, though if you’d like the additional peace of mind that measurements, weight estimation and chart results can provide, or have certain health problems we recommend that you have a growth scan instead.

What is the main objective of the reassurance scan?

  • Provide a well-being checklist which includes visualising fetal heartbeat & movement of your baby, determine position of baby and the placenta.

This scan excludes gender assessment / sexing.

If you require a more advanced check with measurements reported why not opt for a Growth scan or if appropriate Anomaly scan which includes gender identification, measurements and report with weight estimation.

How do I prepare for this scan?

No specific preparation is required for this scan. 

  • Please bring your pregnancy book / previous scan results to your appointment.


  • All scans are carried out with the aim to accomplish the main objective only.​

  • Please bring your pregnancy book with previous scan results to your appointment as we will not be able to scan you without them.​

  • This scan is a non-diagnostic scan.​

  • We will require details of your GP / Health Care Professional; this will be requested from you prior to or at the time of your scan.​ 

  • Our pregnancy scans does not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS / regular health provider.