• Private Gender (Sexing) Scan of your baby for 16+ weeks gestation

  • We can provide at 99% certainty of baby’s gender with this scan

  • Ultrasound images placed on USB stick given

  • Well-being checklist report

  • Fully qualified experts perform our scans

  • Gender Scan from 16 weeks not routinely available via NHS

Exciting! Now you are 16 weeks plus and safe in the knowledge that you have passed the early stages of your pregnancy.

If you are still feeling anxious a further scan may go some way to alleviate this and a private gender scan. This offers the opportunity for you to view your baby and allow our professional staff to offer their expert opinion as to whether you’ll be having a little girl or a little boy. In addition to finding out the gender of your baby, we can also include a free 4D non-diagnostic preview upon request and if possible. 

How accurate is the Mi Gender ultrasound scan?

Our Sonographers are confident with determination of gender although a scan alone can never be 100% accurate, we pride ourselves on being right. 

At 16 weeks the baby’s reproductive organs are very small structures however as your pregnancy progresses these will become larger and therefore easier to identify.

Main objective of the Mi Gender ultrasound scan

  • Gender Assessment and to provide bonding experience with your baby using ultrasound from 16 weeks gestation. 

  • Perform a well-being checklist which includes visualising fetal heartbeat & movement of your baby. NB. This is not a screening test for abnormalities.

  • If you require a more advanced check with babies measurements & estimated weight reported why not opt for our Mi Growth scan or Mi Anomaly scan which includes gender identification, measurements and report with weight estimation.

Please bring your previous scan results to your appointment.

Preparation for scan?

A partially full bladder is required for the gender scan – Please drink 1 litre of fluid approximately 1.5 hours before your scheduled appointment and please try your best not to empty your bladder before the examination.


  • All scans are carried out with the aim to accomplish the main objective only.

  • Any information regarding the sex of the baby is not guaranteed & ultrasound alone is not 100% accurate as some babies can be ambiguous. Our highly experienced practitioners will only provide you with information about the gender if they feel confident to do so from the ultrasound scan. Medison Imaging Ltd nor its staff can not be in any way held responsible upon the reliance of the information. 

  • This scan is a non-diagnostic scan.

  • Our pregnancy scans does not replace or substitute any scan you have or will have with the NHS / Regular health provider.