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We offer multiple types of specialist Pregnancy Scans
We provide specialist Vascular scans and Varicose Vein treatments
Professional care provided by our registered sonographers and scientists using the latest ultrasound technology
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Medison Imaging: Expert Ultrasound Services in West Byfleet and Pimlico

Professional & friendly

Medison Imaging have over 25 years experience in ultrasound across a wide range of examinations.

We offer a friendly and professional services with multiple sites from Surrey in the heart of West Byfleet (opposite the main line train station) to central London.

At Medison Imaging, we are passionate to make your journey, comfortable, interactive and friendly and by combining our approachable professionally registered sonographers and latest technology, we will show you that ‘It’s what’s inside that counts’.

We also understand the excitement and anticipation that come with pregnancy.

That’s why we offer a variety of specialised pregnancy scans to provide you with valuable insights and cherished memories.

Our services include early scans to check the development of your baby in the early stages, reassurance scans for peace of mind, dating scans to determine the gestational age, gender view scans for gender identification, and well-being scans to assess your baby’s growth and overall health.

We also offer 3D/4D scans, allowing you to glimpse into your baby’s world and create lasting memories.

Our Ultrasound Services

Pregnancy Ultrasound

At Medison Imaging, we specialise in pregnancy scans, offering you valuable insights into your baby’s development and creating cherished memories.

Our services include:

Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans
  1. Early Scan:
    Our early scans allow you to monitor your baby’s progress during the early stages of pregnancy, providing reassurance and peace of mind.

  2. Reassurance Scan:
    Designed to alleviate any concerns, our reassurance scans offer a comprehensive evaluation of your baby’s wellbeing and development.

  3. Dating Scan:
    Determining the gestational age is crucial, and our dating scans accurately assess the stage of your pregnancy.

  4. Gender View Scan:
    Discover the excitement of gender identification with our gender view scans, providing you with a glimpse of your baby’s gender.

  5. Well-Being Scan:
    Assess your baby’s growth and overall health with our well-being scans, ensuring the best possible care for you and your little one.

  6. 3D/4D Scans:
    Capture treasured memories with our 3D/4D scans, offering a unique visual experience of your baby’s world.

Vascular Ultrasounds

We offer specialised vascular services aimed at assessing your vascular health.

Our services include:

Vascular Ultrasound Scans
  1. Carotid Arteries Ultrasound:
    Evaluate the health of your carotid arteries, helping identify potential risks and prevent complications.

  2. DVT Ultrasound:
    Detect deep vein thrombosis (DVT) through our precise scans, enabling early intervention and appropriate treatment.

  3. Leg Arteries Ultrasound:
    Assess the blood flow in your leg arteries, aiding in the diagnosis and management of vascular conditions.

  4. Leg Veins Ultrasound:
    Our leg veins scans provide a comprehensive evaluation of venous health, assisting in the diagnosis of conditions such as varicose veins.

MSK Ultrasound

Our musculoskeletal services focus on assessing and managing musculoskeletal conditions.

We offer evaluations for:

MSK Ultrasound Scans
  1. Upper Limb:
    From shoulder to hand, our MSK examinations provide detailed insights into potential injuries or conditions affecting the upper limb.

  2. Lower Limb:
    Assess the health of your hip, knee, ankle, and foot with our lower limb MSK ultrasound scans, assisting in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Choose Medison Imaging

Choose Medison Imaging for expert ultrasound services in West Byfleet and Pimlico.

With our state-of-the-art technology and dedicated team, we provide comprehensive ultrasound examinations tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s pregnancy, vascular health, or musculoskeletal conditions, our professional and friendly approach ensures your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process.

Trust us to provide valuable insights and exceptional care for you and your loved ones.

Contact Medison Imaging today to book your ultrasound appointment.


Speak to our friendly team to discuss about our offers.


Medison Imaging
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12:49 08 Jun 23
I just had my first 8 week scan with Adam, having researched options in the area and encouraged by the stellar reviews online. As it is my first pregnancy, I was not sure what to expect and rather nervous. Adam was very calming and informative. We really enjoyed our scanning experience. Will definitely return for future scans and highly recommended. Many thanks Adam!
Minje SungMinje Sung
13:04 06 Mar 23
10:12 04 Jan 23
Went for an early scan for some reassurance. Adam was extremely knowledgable and made me feel comfortable. Would highly recommend, you also get a video and photos on a usb stick to keep!
Maryam BMaryam B
08:44 06 Dec 22
Adam was amazing! Was so reassuring and soo informative and professional! Best private scan by far! I’ve always come back to this clinic as he is the best sonographer! Cannot recommend him and his clinic enough!
Piotr N.Piotr N.
14:34 10 Nov 22
Olivia PearsonOlivia Pearson
10:27 22 Sep 22
I had my first 8 week scan with Adam about 2 weeks ago, as a anxious natured person I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and where it should be, and Adam was absolutely lovely. Very comforting, knowledgeable and informative! I went there again for a 10 week scan today as my partner and I had only just got back from travelling and I wanted to check everything was okay once again, and it was! Will definitely go there in the future, highly recommended. Thanks again, Adam!
Candice SCandice S
11:24 02 Sep 22
We had our 3D scan with Adam yesterday, and we was very happy with our experience, everything we asked he went over. Our little girl would not face us to give us a good picture the week before so he suggested for us to come back the following week to try again, and for her being stubborn and not wanting to show us her face he managed to get some very good pictures.Very professional and made us feel at ease. Thank you Adam
Lindy Le PetitLindy Le Petit
19:41 22 Aug 22
Highly recommend Adam. I had an abdominal scan with him recently.Adam was very reassuring, understood why I had come for the scan, extremely informative and clearly has lots of experience. I would definitely go to him again if I needed another scan.
Jade SovronJade Sovron
18:06 13 May 22
I had my gender scan and 4D preview for my second child in 2019 and again yesterday for my 4th child, my first son. Adam is a very experienced and efficient professional who is very reassuring and thorough. I highly recommend using this service to see your baby. What a great price for what you get.

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